Below are resources about study skills, careers, applying to graduate school. If there is an area where you’d like more information, please let me know.

Study Tips

Useful information to help you learn better:

How can you optimize your study time? Practice what you know and do not know: Here’s  how.
Writing Guides:
— Landrum, R. E. (2021). Undergraduate writing psychology: Learning to tell the scientific story. American Psychological Association Press.
— Schwartz, E., Landrum, R. E., & Gurung, R. A. R. (2021). An Easyguide to APA style. SAGE.

A site dedicated to getting learning science to students:  The Learning Scientists.
A great set of  videos from Dr. Stephen Chew highlights myths about studying.

How should YOU study? The answer in my conversation with Cognitive Scientist Dr. John Dunlosky.

Career Advice

Is a Psychology major enough to get a job?  Is psych right for you? What should you do as an undergrad? A psychology major builds strong skills, but it also helps to add a major/minor that will increase your marketability. A Business or Communications minor will be a strong complement for many of you who may consider marketing, human resources, or working in a company. 

What can you do with a Psychology major?  Anything you want (click for great answers).  Sell your skills well (quantitative and critical thinking, writing). Let potential employers know all you can do!!!  I strongly recommend a Master’s degree to make you competitive for jobs.

CHECK OUT this great video with advice relating to   career options for psych majors.

Curious about careers:  CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGYNEUROSCIENCE SPORTS? Click on each link for special advice on each, or go  HERE for a larger list of programs in psychology.

What are “Careers in Counseling” [with Dr. Kristin Vespia]

Graduate School

How do I become competitive for graduate school/jobs?  Work hard, select courses that prepare you for your career path, build your GPA, and get to know faculty well (cultivate relationships so at least three faculty members can say a lot of good things about you). Study hard for the GRE and start early on your personal statements.

How do I find a graduate program? It depends what area of psychology you are interested in. Most areas have lists of the best graduate programs online. Check out this overview of the  main areas in psychology.

The American Psychological Assn has a  searchable database of APA-accredited doctoral programs in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. (This source will NOT work for master’s programs of any kind). 

See Calarco, J. M. (2020).  A field guide to grad school: Uncovering the hidden curriculum.  Princeton University Press.

Do you have the research experience necessary for a competitive graduate school application?