51T4EHEG8TL._SX388_BO1,204,203,200_Is a Psychology major enough to get a job?  A psychology major builds strong skills, but it also helps to add a major/minor that will increase your marketability. A Business or Communications minor will be a strong complement for many of you who may consider marketing, human resources, or working in a company.  Is psych right for you? What should you do as an undergrad?

How do I become competitive for graduate school/jobs?  Work hard and build your GPA, get to know faculty well (cultivate relationships so at least three of us can say a lot of good things about you), select courses that prepare you well for your career path. Study hard for the GRE and start early on your personal statements.

How do I find a graduate program? It depends what area of psychology you are interested in. Most areas has lists of the best graduate programs online. Our psychology department has a number of useful links (like this one) you should read.  A nice overview of the main areas in psychology can be found here.

What can I do with a Psychology major? Anything you want (click for great answers). I strongly recommend a Masters degree to make you competitive for jobs. Sell your skills well (quantitative and critical thinking, writing): Let potential employers know all you can do!!!

Good Resources

Calarco, J. M. (2020). A field guide to grad school: Uncovering the hidden curriculum. Princeton University Press.